Frequently asked questions

Quoting Tattoos

We do not do quotes or pricing for tattoos over the phone or internet. The reason for this is to avoid any miscommunication about size, color, or placement, etc of a tattoo.

Consultations vs Appointments

Consultations for piercings or tattoos do not include time for the artist to perform services. Consultations for tattoos allow the artist to understand your preferences and begin the process of a customizing a tattoo for you. Its important for artists to speak directly with you so they can grasp the style you want as well as look at the canvas that you have. Piercing consultations do not include actual piercing time, however since most piercings are fairly quick we are most often able to accommodate you same day.

How do Deposits work?

Deposits for tattoos secure your time with an artist. Without a deposit we cannot gurrantee the time you would like with an artist. Deposits ensure your seriousness about a tattoo and allows our artists to confidently create custom designs for you. Deposits also go toward the total price of the tattoo. Our deposit minimum is $50.

Piercing aftercare

General aftercare instructions : 1.Wash your hands thoroughly for 30 seconds before cleaning your piercing ​ 2.Use Dial antibacterial soap to thoroughly clean around the piercing, make sure rinse ALL lather off completely. Wash with soap once in the morning and at night. 3.Then use a sterile sea salt solution such as H2Ocean or Neil-Ned 3-6 times everyday. 4.Do NOT play with, rotate, or take out your jewelry before you are done healing. Remember : 1.Take ibuprofen or motrin as prescribed on the bottle to avoid swelling or pain.​ 2.Do NOT USE alcohol, peroxide, neosporin, bactine, bacitracin, ear care solutions, or anything with benzalkonium chloride (BZK)

Tattoo aftercare

Tattoo aftercare instructions : Initial healing 1. First thoroughly wash your hands for 20 seconds before removing bandage 2. Remove the bandage 2 hours after the finish of the tattoo, after icing for 30 minutes on and 15 off.​ 3. Wash your tattoo well (multiple times a day) with a mild, fragrance-free, antibacterial soap 4. Afterwards let air-dry then apply a SMALL amount of ointment and massage in. We recommend Aquaphor. Continued healing : 1. Around the 5th to 7th day start using a water based lotion as a moisturizer on the tattoo 3-5 times daily. We recommend Lubriderm. While the tattoo is healing : 1. Avoid soaking in water (no pools, ocean, hot tubs, or baths)​ 2. Avoid prolonged sunlight exposure and use sunscreen if you will be in the sun 3. Do NOT touch or allow others to touch your tattoo unless you are cleaning it. 4. Opt for loose clothing 5. Peeling or flaking IS normal, however if you have a question or concern please contact us or come in 6. Avoid the temptation to pick at your tattoo. Picking degrades the quality of your tattoo

Acceptable Identification

To be pierced or tattooed here at Artisan we do require I.D. The acceptable forms we can accept are listed below. For adults over 18: - DMV issued drivers license, permit, or identification card. - Birth certificate with Student ID or worker ID - Military ID - Current Passport For those under the age of 18 we can accept: - Your DMV Issued ID card, parent's ID, and birth certificate - Student ID with birth certificate and parent's id - Current Passport with birth certificate and parent's ID It MUST be your parent. Siblings, friends and family CANNOT sign for you unless they have legal guardianship papers, in which case guardianship papers must be in hand. We cannot take copies or emails, original forms must be present. This is a state law, not our rule. PLEASE NOTE : Cracked, Expired, or Broken ID's are NOT ACCEPTABLE


For children 8-14 we only pierce ears. At 15 + we do navel piercings and above the neck only. This is shop policy and we do require proper identification for all ages. We do not allow children in the shop unless they are the ones receiving the piercing.

Piercing Prices

Correct Piercing Prices $15 Eyebrow, Conch, Lobes (each), Cart, Tragus, Flat $20 Navel, Snug, Anti-Tragus, Rook, Forward Helix $25 Nose $30 Standard Tongue, Daith, Surface Piercings @ chin up $35 Septum, Industrial, Dermal, Vertical Lip, Horizontal Lip $40 Vertical Industrial, High Nostril,Thenar $45 Snake Bites, Spider Bites, Ashley Lip, Medusa Lip, $50 Bridge, Ragnar, Smiley, Webbings, Frenulum, $60 Both Nipples $65 Two Dermals, VCH, HCH, Christina (pubic mound), Frenum, Scoop, Snake Eyes, Nape Surface piercing, Two HIgh Nostrils, $75 Labia,Cheeks w/ Dermals, Prince Albert, Christina w/ Dermal, Hafada, Dahlias $120 Cheeks w/ Barbells $125 Ampallang, Apadravya, Reverse Prince Albert