Acceptable Identification 

To be pierced or tattooed here at Artisan we do require I.D. The acceptable forms we can accept are listed below.


For adults over 18:


- DMV issued drivers license, permit, or identification card.

- Birth certificate with Student ID or worker ID

- Military ID

- Current Passport


For those under the age of 18 we can accept:


- Your DMV Issued ID card, parent's ID, and birth certificate

- Student ID with birth certificate and parent's id

- Current Passport or Military ID with birth certificate and parent's ID


It MUST be your parent. Siblings, friends and family CANNOT sign for you unless they have legal guardianship papers, in which case guardianship papers must be in hand.


We cannot take copies or emails, original forms must be present. This is a state law, not our rule.


PLEASE NOTE : Cracked, Expired, or Broken ID's are NOT ACCEPTABLE

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